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SafeTCard - Lone Worker Safety Solutions

SafeTCard Lone Worker Safety Solutions specialise in providing personal safety devices that are designed to protect lone workers and those employees who may be at risk.

For those who may have to work in remote locations or in situations where their safety is at risk, the SafeTCard lone worker solution is one of the most comprehensive ways to ensure their protection through its innovative lone worker monitoring and alarm features, including an automatic man-down alarm capability.

Based in Queensland, the company is co-located with their ASIAL Certified Grade A1 Alarm Receiving Centre, where they supervise and monitor over 6000 personal duress alarm devices and systems nationwide for more than 350 clients.

The SafeTCard safety products have proven to be successful for many state and national departments, minimising social and environmental risks for employees across a range of private and government industries.

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What is SafeTCard and how does it work?

SafeTCard is a lone worker protection solution that provides safety for isolated and high-risk workers. It is a monitored personal duress alarm system that captures situations through its built-in microphone and discreet activation. SafeTCard is backed by Australia's largest grade A1 monitoring station, providing 24/7 security. It is ISO9001 certified and offers industry-leading emergency communications. The system includes industry-sized ID cards with GPS and two-way voice capability.

2. Who can benefit from SafeTCard?

SafeTCard is designed for isolated workers, remote workers, individuals working alone, and high-risk workers. It is also suitable for high-risk domestic violence clients who require personal protection. The system helps businesses comply with their Duty of Care for their lone, isolated, remote, and high-risk workers. SafeTCard is used by thousands of Australian businesses to ensure the safety of their employees.

3. How does SafeTCard provide confidence to workers?

SafeTCard provides confidence to workers by offering 24/7 security through Australia's largest grade A1 monitoring station. The system is equipped with a built-in microphone that captures situations, ensuring that everything is recorded. This recording feature gives workers the confidence that they have evidence of any incidents or emergencies. SafeTCard's discreet activation allows workers to alert authorities without drawing attention to themselves, providing an added layer of safety.

4. What certifications does SafeTCard have?

SafeTCard is ISO9001 certified, which is a top-of-the-line certification for quality management systems. This certification ensures that SafeTCard meets international standards for its lone worker protection solution. SafeTCard's industry-leading emergency communications and monitored personal duress alarm systems are backed by this certification, providing customers with the assurance of a reliable and effective safety solution.

5. How many SafeTCard units are in use globally?

There are over 120,000 SafeTCard Identicom units in use globally. This widespread adoption of SafeTCard demonstrates its effectiveness and reliability as a lone worker protection solution. The large number of units in use highlights the trust that businesses and individuals place in SafeTCard to ensure the safety of their workers in various industries and locations worldwide.

Some reasons to choose

24/7 Security

Backed by Australia's largest grade A1 monitoring station, the company provides 24/7 security and monitoring for even the most isolated and high-risk workers.

Built-in Microphone

The company's SafeTCard device has a built-in microphone that discreetly captures the situation, providing recorded evidence and giving users confidence in their safety.

ISO9001 Certified

The company holds the ISO9001 certification, which is a top-of-the-line certification for emergency communications. This certification ensures that the company's products and services meet industry-leading standards.

Automatic Alerting

The company's SafeTCard system has automatic alerting capabilities, allowing for immediate response in emergency situations. This feature provides peace of mind for users, knowing that help will be on the way quickly.

Industry-Sized ID Cards

The company offers industry-sized ID cards that can be easily carried by workers. These ID cards have GPS and two-way voice capability, allowing for effective communication and location tracking in case of emergencies.'

What have existing customers liked most about them?

Based on customer/client reviews of via this testimonials page (opens in new window), what are their customers are most happy about?

1. Confidence Boost

Users feel a significant boost in confidence knowing they have reliable support in emergencies.

2. Rapid Response

The alarm system's fast response time is highly appreciated for ensuring immediate help.

3. Enhanced Safety

Customers value the enhanced safety and protection the SafeTCard provides for staff and their families.

4. Peace of Mind

Knowing the location and safety of staff helps managers and directors sleep better at night.

5. Duty of Care

SafeTCard is recognized for helping companies fulfill their duty of care towards employees.

6. Expert Endorsement

Highly regarded by security professionals for its capability to secure personnel.

7. Versatility

Effective in diverse environments, from hospitals to prisons and remote areas.

8. Comprehensive Solution

Provides a complete solution for staff safety and protection, both on and off duty.

9. Government and Corporate Approval

Preferred choice for many state governments and businesses in Australia.

10. Professional Training

Effective training provided for using the system without causing distress.

Selected and consolidated information about

Company History:

SafeTCard Australia is an Australian family-owned and operated business with almost 30 years of experience in the electronic security industry. The company launched SafeTCard Personal Safety Solutions to provide effective means for clients in diverse markets to protect their lone, isolated, high-risk workers and individuals, including those at risk of domestic violence and in aged care.

Company Mission Statement:

SafeTCard aims to offer companies, businesses, and individuals the most comprehensive technology available for lone worker safety. Their mission includes being the leading provider in lone worker technology with features like safety, 24/7 emergency, duress, GPS, man down, and amber alert, along with a mobile workforce management platform.
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SafeTCard is a leading provider of lone worker safety solutions, offering effective risk reduction for staff through their monitored personal duress alarm systems, known as PDAs. Catering to isolated, remote, high-risk workers, and individuals, including those at risk of domestic violence, SafeTCard's products are trusted globally, with over 120,000 units in use. Their OHS High Risk and Isolated Worker Safety Systems help Australian businesses comply with Duty of Care for their employees. The company's commitment to worker safety is evident in their comprehensive approach, providing automatic alerting, GPS and two-way voice capability, and discreet activation in industry-sized ID cards. This focus on safety and compliance positions SafeTCard as a reliable and professional choice for businesses seeking to protect their lone workers.
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