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5 Surprisingly Quirky Sydney Sights: Beyond the Opera House and Harbour Bridge

submitted on 20 April 2023 by
Sydney is Australia's largest city, famous for its iconic Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and beautiful beaches. But what about the lesser-known, offbeat attractions that will make you say, "Wait, that's in Sydney?" That's right, folks it's time to go beyond the guidebook and dive into the weird and wonderful world of quirky Sydney sights. So grab your sense of adventure and a sense of humor, and let's explore 5 unusual things to see in the Harbour City.

The Forgotten Suburb of Pylon Lookout

Tucked away in the shadow of the Harbour Bridge lies Pylon Lookout, a quirky little suburb that's often overlooked by tourists and locals alike. What makes this place so unusual? Well, for starters, it's located in the massive concrete pylons that support the bridge itself! Wander through the eerily quiet streets and marvel at the stunning views of Sydney Harbour from this unique vantage point. And if you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even climb to the top of the pylon for a bird's-eye view of the city just don't forget to wave at the bridge climbers as they pass by!

The Curious Case of Brett Whiteley's Giant Matchsticks

Ever found yourself in need of a giant matchstick? No? Well, if you ever do, Sydney's got you covered! Head to the Royal Botanic Gardens and keep an eye out for Brett Whiteley's "Almost Once," a quirky sculpture consisting of two massive matchsticks one burnt and one unburnt. This unusual artwork is sure to ignite your curiosity and spark some lively conversation, making it the perfect pit stop on your offbeat Sydney adventure.

Step Back in Time at the Sydney Tramway Museum

All aboard for a trip down memory lane! At the Sydney Tramway Museum, you can relive the golden age of trams and discover how these charming vehicles shaped the city's development. With an impressive collection of vintage trams, including the rare Toastrack Tram, this quirky museum offers visitors the chance to step back in time and experience a slice of Sydney's transport history. And the best part? You can even take a ride on one of the fully restored trams just make sure to hold on tight and mind the gap!

The Eerie Enchantment of Wendy's Secret Garden

Hidden away in the leafy suburb of Lavender Bay lies a secret garden that's straight out of a fairy tale. Created by artist Wendy Whiteley, the wife of the late painter Brett Whiteley, this enchanting oasis is a tribute to her husband's memory and a testament to the healing power of nature. Wander through the winding pathways, discover hidden sculptures and mosaics, and soak up the serene atmosphere of this magical sanctuary. But shhh remember, it's a secret!

The Curious Creatures of the Australian Museum's "Unsettled" Exhibition

Forget kangaroos and koalas at the Australian Museum's "Unsettled" exhibition, you'll encounter a whole new world of bizarre and fascinating creatures. From the fanged, fish-eating marsupial known as the Drop Bear to the terrifying Yowie, Australia's answer to Bigfoot, this unique exhibition showcases the country's most unusual and mythical creatures. Just be prepared for a few sleepless nights after you learn about the horrifying Bunyip!

In a city as diverse and vibrant as Sydney, it's no surprise that you can find a wealth of quirky attractions that will delight even the most seasoned traveler. Whether you're wandering through a secret garden, marveling at massive matchsticks, or learning about mythical creatures, these offbeat sights prove that there's never a dull moment in Sydney. So, the next time you find yourself in this iconic city, why not step off the well-trodden tourist trail and embark on a truly unique adventure? You never know what hidden treasures you might discover and you'll undoubtedly have some hilarious stories to share when you return home!

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