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Concrete Services for Your Home

submitted on 1 September 2020 by
Concrete Services for Your Home One way to make any home look newer and have better curb appeal is to have the driveway repaired to look like new or to add a new concrete driveway. Concrete driveways last longer than other materials and give any home a nice cared-for look. Rain will not wash a concrete driveway away, and snow is easier to remove in the winter. Concrete can be attractive and low maintenance.

Pouring Concrete
Knowing how to pour concrete correctly can be useful knowledge. Homeowners can save money by pouring their own concrete for small projects like setting fence posts, small patio bases, concrete pavers, concrete garden décor, and projects that take less than five bags of concrete mix.

Larger projects require more cement, using a rented cement mixer, or ordering a truckload of premixed cement. Working with large amounts of cement is tricky, and the cement is heavy. Think about hiring a company such as Cardinia Civil for larger jobs. The steps required to properly lay a cement floor, driveway, or base include:

1. Choosing the right spot for the patio or structure and excavating the area to the correct depth. All grass, shrubs or trees, rocks, and old concrete must be removed. This base must be level and smooth. Then, form the subgrade with road base, certain soils, or granular fill. The concrete is only as strong as this subgrade. It must be stable and well compacted.

2. Lay a 60 to 70mm of subbase of either open-grade stone or closed-grade stone, however the correct amount of subbase will be determined by the existing soil conditions and what load the concrete will be subjected to. The cement is then compacted with a rented compactor or a hand tamper. This is hard work, and the result must be evenly compacted, level, and smooth.

3. Forms must be constructed around the project perimeter using special boards with nails or screws. The corners must form 90-degree angles. The form should have a slight slope to help water drain off.

4. Add wire mesh or rebar to the base to make the concrete structure stronger. This reinforcement needs to cover the whole area where concrete will be poured.

5. Mix the concrete using one part concrete, two parts sand, and four parts gravel, or purchase bags of premixed dry concrete. Add the required amount of water and mix by hand or in a concrete mixer. Purchase premixed concrete by the truckload for larger jobs.

6. Pour the concrete into the form from the concrete-mixing wheelbarrow, from the mixer, or have the truck pour the purchased concrete right into the form. Help is needed to spread the concrete quickly to create an even layer up to the form's high point.

7. Now the concrete must be screeded to flatten it out from one end to the other. Jiggling a wide wood plank back and forth over the surface creates a flat surface.

8. Floating the surface with a special device will help create a smoother surface where gravel-free concrete rises to the top. Quickly make control joints every five to six feet before the concrete hardens. A broom or other device can be used at this point to create a slight texture on the surface for slip resistance.

9. Finish the floor or driveway by curing and sealing the concrete. This process can last 28 days.

Hire Professionals
As you can see, pouring your own concrete is not an easy task. If it is done incorrectly the concrete will not be stable or strong and may crack soon. Therefore, most homeowners hire professionals to install concrete bases for their building and landscape projects.

Professional concrete companies have the equipment, manpower, and experience to get concrete projects done quickly and correctly at a reasonable price.

Concrete Projects
Concrete Pavers, outbuilding or home floors, driveways, concrete counter tops, Polished Concrete Floors, swimming pools, patios, retaining walls, and other projects made of concrete are durable and attractive when installed by experienced professionals.
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